Tree Equity Score sets a national standard in each UK country to help make the case for investment in areas with greatest need.

  1. Find your score.

    • Search your address or browse the map of over 34,000 Tree Equity Scores for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  2. Uncover where trees are in your community.

    • Click anywhere on the map to uncover more information.
    • Toggle map layers to see patterns.
    • Use convenient map filters to prioritize areas with the greatest need.
  3. Locate data to support allocation of resources and inform local authority and community efforts.

    • Compare neighbourhood data points.
    • Find summary reports for any local authority, constituency or country.
    • Communicate what it takes to raise Tree Equity Scores for a local authority, constituency or country.
    • Communicate the critical health, economic and environmental benefits to the community.
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